The Startup Studio

Using our trademarked curriculum in Learn to Start™, we empower students from all around the world to recognize the power they possess by helping them discover the entrepreneur within themselves.

We merge the skills of creative problem solving and design thinking to build a framework to help students unlock the incredible potential they possess and put the power of their creative spirits to work as they move to become real world problem solvers.

It is our mission to bring about real change in education.

Our Methodology

Engage. Discover. Unleash.

The Startup Studio takes a different approach in how it approaches entrepreneurial and startup education. We teach methodology in ideation for discovering real value propositions but we work to dig even deeper to try allow our students to discover their natural ability to identify, and solve problems. Then we allow you to unleash that creative process most natural to you as you work to bring solutions to the world around you through the power of self, team and collaboration.

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The Entrepreneur, in short, undertakes. Or better defined, takes responsibility. Responsibility for doing. Doing so as to create his/her own opportunity from nothing and without regard to resources currently controlled.


The confluence of creativity, artistry and intentional action-over-time resulting in a novel solution that drives measurable change.

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What People Say

“I wish there were more programs like this when I was in the school. This is an amazing program that teaches students something that is useful in the real world and many students and business owners can greatly benefit from this amazing program.”
Nato Huresae, Owner of Turning Heads Barber
“Exposing young talent to real world business challenges is a great way to drive innovation and adaptiveness, which are key to business success. I truly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in developing business management skills!”
Sidney Azambuja, Parent
“This program is a must for any student interested in business. Gary Conroy’s program inspired our son David to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. His program teaches students many valuable skills including how to think “out of the box.”
Rudy Molnar, Parent
“Preparing our students at a younger age to be ready for real world experiences will produce a generation of leaders and thinkers. As a parent and a businessman, I strongly support this program and stand ready to help in its success and continuation.”
Amr Gawad, WPS Parent & President of True Engineering
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