The Startup Studio was brought to life by a visionary entrepreneur whose mission is to ensure that as many young people as possible can get access to the skills that will enable them to realize the power they possess.

gary conroy listening to a student


The goal was simple yet very noble; give people a creative and hands on experience that guides them on how to take risk and discover important value propositions that can impact the world around them while leveraging their own story.

We seek to bridge the gap in which schools are falling short in educating our children for a 21st century world. We achieve this through cutting edge School Programs, high-impact Educator Workshops, fun and immersive Summer Camps and intensive and highly unique Youth Summits as well as through our brand new, one of a kind, Online Platform.

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“Entrepreneurship is not something we can teach the masses using innovative charts, models and fancy text books. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. Instead we must facilitate opportunities that allow people access to entrepreneurship using learning by doing and looking to failure to force the use of creativity and autonomous action. By doing that we give people a chance to identify their potential to think different by transforming their mindsets as they evolve”
Gary Conroy – Founder & CEO


Our Studio merges the skills of creative problem solving and design thinking to build a framework to help students and teams unlock the incredible potential they possess and put the power of their creative spirits to work as they move to become real world problem solvers.

To be a sustainable solution that can bring about real change in education.

To deliver innovative curriculums, based in the discipline of entrepreneurship, so as to empower young people to become the best version of themselves by providing them opportunities to find the passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit for the purpose of building self-empowered and fulfilled human beings that can be prepared for a life of free agency.

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Gary is a visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience in building models for companies in need of change. He is a solutions specialist with a serious focus on merging his skill in creativity with his passion for relationship building and business model generation so as to ensure he brings about outcomes that change business cultures and ensure efficiency, sustainability and profitability are always achieved. Gary began his distinguished career in the areas of Amusement, Restaurant and Retail ownership as well as real estate development and consultancy. He has worked with multiple clients as a solutions expert as part of delivering turnaround strategies for companies in need of redirecting. Gary is also a lifelong musician, songwriter and music producer and is the Founder and President of MUEZK LLC, a solutions company built as a brand new way to represent artists in the music industry. He is also the Founder of TeninTwelve, a production company that represents a new and disruptive creative force made up of a unique blend of true artistry and true entrepreneurship merged in the belief that it is originality that is tantamount to achieving market placement in music making and brand creation.

Gary Conroy teaching students


Gary has merged all of these skills and disciplines to found The Startup Studio. Using the platform of entrepreneurship Gary has created what he believes is a real solution that can help bring sustainable transformation to education. Gary resides in Winter Garden, Florida with his wife Dana and their three daughters Casey, Madi and Emma.

“Gary Conroy is a powerful advocate for companies that need an innovative approach to rebuilding themselves. Instead of handing out a formula, he immersed himself in all aspects of our a typical business, brought enthusiasm and expertise and affected real change. With Gary’s guidance and negotiating skills, our turn-around team master-minded a major re-set that reduced our annual labor and operating expenses by 60% while preserving our brand and core talent. From crafting strategy to hands-on negotiation with creditors, Gary’s contributions to our company have been essential and practical yielding immediate, tangible results.”
Bob Allen, Founder & CEO - IDEAS
“Over the last three years I have worked closely with Gary Conroy to bring the vision for an Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Windermere Preparatory School to reality. Gary has proven to be an invaluable partner in the development of this innovative and new course of study in our school. Through his extensive experience in the business world, we have been able to build a unique and authentic curriculum for the program. Additionally, Gary has helped us protect and manage primary program assets in balance with the build out of the new program. Through our work together, Gary has become an important, steady, and reliable thought partner in the growth and development of exciting new programming in our school” 
Dr. Steven Lyng Ph.D., Head of Windermere Preparatory School
“The energy that Gary brought to our team and his passion for entrepreneurship is something to behold. He is not only passionate about it but focused on how to teach it, convinced that he is helping the world become a better place. The tools taught are invaluable and I must admit I hope that I can share his thoughts and ideas with many others and help them change their lives.”
Nguyen Viet Linh, V Startup, Vietnam


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