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The Startup Studio

The Startup Studio was brought to life by a visionary entrepreneur whose mission is to ensure that as many people as possible can get access to the skills that will enable them to realize the power they possess to be problem identifiers and problem solvers. The goal was simple yet very noble; give people a creative and hands on experience that guides them on how to take risk and discover important value propositions that can impact the world around them while leveraging their own story.

We give our students the chance to tell their stories and use those stories to empower.

“Entrepreneurship is not something we can teach the masses using innovative charts, models and fancy text books. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. Instead we must facilitate opportunities that allow people access to entrepreneurship using learning by doing and looking to failure to force the use of creativity and autonomous action. By doing that we give people a chance to identify their potential to think different by transforming their mindsets as they evolve”

Gary Conroy – Founder & CEO

Our Purpose

Bringing real change to education.

We passionately want to help people discover that they can be change makers in the roles they serve everyday. We do this by using an immersive, fun and collaborative environment built around creating trust as we all work together to explore the entrepreneur within through design thinking and startup methodology. We seek to bridge the gap in which schools are falling short in educating our children for a 21st century world by offering them the chance to look inward and discover their power to create and solve real world problems by identifying the entrepreneur that naturally exists within them. The Studio offers multiple workshops to students at the middle and high school level, the college level as well as to corporate team members of all ages from all industries all over the world.

To bring about real change in education.

To deliver instruction through new and highly effective real world based curriculums that empower young people to become change-makers by providing them opportunities to find the passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit within themselves.

Meet Our Founder

Gary Conroy

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, educator, and business consultant. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Gary moved to the United States and began a distinguished career in entrepreneurship and entertainment asset management and ownership. An American citizen since 2001, Gary has built several companies ranging from commercial real estate management, a restaurant investment group, and a consultancy group. Today Gary’s career is anchored in bringing entrepreneurship education to as many people as possible as the Founder of the Startup Studio. Gary currently holds the position of Director of Entrepreneurial Studies for Windermere Preparatory School.

He passionately believes in integral management solutions that hinge around building teams with talented and sophisticated partners that share his fundamental focus on creativity, strong network building, and the true power of relationships. Gary is also a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Gary has merged these disciplines with his business acumen to found MUEZK LLC.

MUEZK LLC is rooted in developing amazing artists with a focus on reshaping how the music industry represents them and represents the collaboration of a team of incredibly talented people focused on creating amazing music and fostering true artistry. Gary resides in Winter Garden, Florida with his wife Dana and their three daughters, Casey, Madi and Emma.

“Gary Conroy is a powerful advocate for companies that need an innovative approach to rebuilding themselves. Instead of handing out a formula, he immersed himself in all aspects of our a typical business, brought enthusiasm and expertise and affected real change. With Gary’s guidance and negotiating skills, our turn-around team master-minded a major re-set that reduced our annual labor and operating expenses by 60% while preserving our brand and core talent. From crafting strategy to hands-on negotiation with creditors, Gary’s contributions to our company have been essential and practical yielding immediate, tangible results.”
Bob Allen, Founder & CEO, IDEAS

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