The Learn to Start Educator Workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience for educators interested in introducing a new level of innovation into their classrooms

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The Learn to Start Educator Workshop has been designed with teachers in mind. It is The Startup Studio’s most powerful workshop to date. Instead of offering teachers more professional development on “why they must” change, we come to compassionately and carefully act as a solution that is a “how to” change.

Using our trademarked process,  Learn To Start, we work alongside teachers in a highly interactive, hands-on, three day workshop to ensure everyone leaving the room walks away with a very real solution that can empower their desire to bring about their own real change, regardless of the subject they are teaching.

“We are impassioned to give educators access to the knowledge we have amassed over years of experience steeped in real world failure and success.”

– Gary Conroy
Founder & CEO
Meet Tyler - the model student

Through Tyler’s story you will meet “The Model Student” as we all work together to consider our Value Propositions. We do all of this while looking firmly through the lens of Relevance.

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We take teachers out into the market!

Meet Josh Wallack, COO of Mangos Tropical Cafe and the host of our 2019 WPS Learn to Start Educator Workshop

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“This workshop was very valuable. I didn’t just learn what I could implement in the classroom, but I grew as a person as well.”
Jenny Birchenall, 4th Grade Teacher - North Broward Preparatory School
“Your message is vibrant and impacting on educators, but most importantly, on future generations. Please know how very appreciative I am for all of the energy and thought that has been relayed to me. You have a spark that is so powerful, it will ignite the world of education….one step at a time! Thank you!”
Margaret Halupka, 4th Grade Teacher - Windermere Preparatory School
“I was really pushed through this workshop to reevaluate the way in which I think about my class and curriculum.”
Leah Wolf, HS English Teacher - North Broward Preparatory School
“This workshop helped to clarify some issues of confidence in authenticity I had this past year, and I spent the three days refining ideas and approaches for next school year! I feel motivated and empowered to continue being the “free agent” I’ve always been!”
April Brown, HS English Teacher - Windermere Preparatory School
“I didn’t realize what type of engagement this class would ask of me, but what I came away with was how excited and looked forward to each day was how were would be engaged that day. I love collaboration, hands-on PD and this exceeded my expectations.”
Licia Campbell, 3rd Grade Teacher - North Broward Preparatory School
“I will be able to put this into practice beginning day one. It will take work and a slight mind shift, but I absolutely see the value!”
Eve Marie Griffin, Kindergarten Teacher - Windermere Preparatory School