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The Learn to Start Institute for High School is founded on the belief that traditional business courses are ineffective in assisting students in preparing for the 21st century world.

Empowered and supported instructors

The Startup Studio provides its Instructors with a state-of-the-art online portal that is housed inside of our beautifully designed technology. It is here that our Instructors access everything they need to support their ability to deliver their Learn to Start® curriculum as they look to become the “New Teachers” inside of a 21st-century learning experience.

Future-Proofed Students

Students will all use our state-of-the-art e-learning platform to move through their curriculum. It is here that our students access everything they need to begin their Learn to Start® journey. It is here they will work to build the best version of themselves inside of a 21st-century learning experience.

Learn to Start 3-Year Program

in Entrepreneurial Studies


Year one of the program is a pass/fail course in which students learn how to tell their story and communicate their value as they develop their personal brands. Students learn the importance of relationships, understand the value of feedback, and experience failure as a part of the process, while identifying problems worth solving in the world and their communities.


Year two of the program is a pass/fail elective course in which students journey through the process of turning concepts into action guided by the LTS model. Students are challenged to seek out mentorship from our vast community of local, national, or global businesses as they continue to strengthen their core skills and gain expertise as they pursue their passions and interests.


Year three of the program is a pass/fail elective course in which students, empowered by years 1 and 2, learn, work, and grow within an autonomous system. Students pursue mentorship through their established networks to guide the process of testing their startup concepts against the LTS metrics of efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. Ultimately, students use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to empower themselves to act as free agents in the world.

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The Startup Studio is an expert in culture building and asset management and believes that the first step to building real and sustainable change must start with the communal alignment of vision and resources. We begin by working alongside school leadership to ensure we are creating the right fit for your school and always for the purpose of meeting your needs, vision and limitations.


Once aligned, The Startup Studio will work alongside your school to identify the right teacher(s) who will become the powerful mentor(s) and who will use our Learn to Start curriculum and resources. All instructors are trained to manage and facilitate a Learn to Start environment using our state-of-the-art IMS technology.


Once launched, instructors and students will get immediate access to our LTS community - a powerful community of resources unlike anything education has ever seen. In addition, The Startup Studio continually trains and supports all instructors on how to effectively and consistently connect with key people in their own school community to ensure a solid local network of mentorship is established.

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