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Get to Know

Our Team

Powering The Startup Studio

“If companies expect to be sustainable, profitable, and efficient going forward, they must build ever-changing and fluid systems that are made up of “intrapreneurship,” meaning that all members of the organization understand their role and act with a confident sense of free agency within the mission and culture of the company, always aware that change is a constant in a 21st century marketplace.”

– Gary Conroy, founder & CEO of The Startup Studio


Founder & CEO

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, educator, and business consultant. He is the Founder and CEO of The Startup Studio LLC, a global education services company whose mission is to bring about real and sustainable change to education.


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Gary Conroy
Anastasia Hall


Director of Curriculum & Training

As the Director of Curriculum and Training for The Startup Studio, Anastasia focuses on creating opportunities for students to take advantage of as they gain confidence in who they are. She helps teachers transform into mentors who guide rather than instruct. With both students and teachers engaged in finding and communicating their value, she believes this new classroom will see real outcomes in education. 



Director of Marketing & Events

Amanda started her career in education and edtech, and early on developed a fascination with WordPress design, eventually launching her own side-business doing freelance web design, graphics work, and GSuite training for educators and professionals.

Her desire to give students a real-world education opened the door for her to become a Learn to Start Instructor, as well as giving her the opportunity to apply her passion for branding and design to The Startup Studio’s brand, marketing, communications, and events as it continues its mission of disrupting education and transforming student lives.


Amanda Youngblood
Ridvan Aliu Headshot (GA)


Director of Technolgoy

After working as a software engineer for giant corporations such as Disney, Microsoft, and Amazon, Ridvan Aliu founded his own software consulting firm called Real Visualz LLC.

He later founded EDUonGo, a learning management system enabling schools to launch their own online academy in less than a minute and built Kiwi to serve quick service restaurants with a robust e-learning platform.

Now, he serves as The Startup Studio’s Director of Technology.


Louis Richner

Director of Video Production

Louis is an entrepreneur and content creation specialist, who produces audio and video material for the education, commercial, and music industries, including the Telly Award-Winning Domino’s Pizza “Cheesy Wedding” commercial. With 15 years of experience in the production field, Louis brings not only knowledge in the techniques used to create quality content, but also brand-conscious creative decisions, personal perspective and a positive, caring atmosphere to The Startup Studio. From audio engineering on music productions to creating educational and documentary films, Louis strives to make a positive impact onto any production in need of his expertise.



Amy Ni

Social Media

Amy is a Freshman at Florida State University majoring in Psychology. She continues to be a confident communicator, creative artist, and passionate networker as she grows in her journey.

As a former student in the Entrepreneurial Studies Program powered by The Startup Studio at NBPS, Amy knows how important it is to bring real access to failure to students in the education process to help them find their own passions and become unique adults in the future.


Meet Our Global Agents

At The Startup Studio we look to attract best-in-class partners to join our exclusive network of schools, universities and organizations from all around the world. We accomplish this by first contracting top tier Agents who have chosen to represent our mission. These are highly-qualified free agents who have powerful reach inside the markets we serve.

Hernan Tagliani headshot

Hernan Tagliani

Global Agent - Latin America
David Rowe

David Rowe, PhD

Global Agent - United States