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Discover Your Power. Make a Difference

Our immersive and highly effective 5 day Summer Camps empower students to discover their true passions and interests and harness them in a way that provides clarity for them to move forward as young entrepreneurs in the world.

Students walk away with a profound understanding of their own power within and how to funnel it to drive meaningful results as they continue their education and professional development. We work with students from all around the world and provide them with an experience that will have a lasting impact on their lives.

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How it Works

The Startup Studio uses a unique curriculum, centered in Startup Methodology and Design Thinking that takes students out of the norms of their day to day academic routines and sparks their creativity by building their own startup ideas. We focus in the 14 to 18 age range, and we are serious about giving students the opportunity to fail sooner, before they have to make real world decisions about where best to apply their passions and interests.

Dates & Prices

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Dates: June 4th-8th, June 11th-15th, June 18th-22nd.

Times: 9am-3pm EST Daily

Locations: Windermere Preparatory School

  Trinity Preparatory School


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Topics You Will Explore

  • Understanding Value Proposition is the Key to Success
  • What Entrepreneurship and Innovation Really Are
  • The Power of Story
  • How to Play the Pivot Game
  • The Sport of Collaboration and Teams
  • Turning Passion Into a Pitch
  • The Creative Life
  • What To Do with a Great Idea
  • Innovation And Design Thinking Methodology
  • Conversations with Leading Innovators and Entrepreneurs

“The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed — it needs to be transformed.”

Sir Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Don’t sweat the logistics.
Our camp will come to you!

As part of expanding our mission the Startup Studio looks to partner with independent schools from all over the world to host our fun, immersive and highly effective 5 day Summer Camps. If you are interested in us hosting a camp at your school please contact us below to request information.

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What’s Being Said

“Jake loved the course. I could see his excitement grow as the week went on. I noticed that he was engaged in a level that went beyond surface excitement. He was thinking critically and his creative juices really started to flow as he became more embraced in the class.”
Missy Fagan, Parent and WPS Lower School Director
“An amazing opportunity that has opened my mind to the world of business and prepared me for later on in life.”
Ryan King, WPS Entrepreneurial Student
“Entrepreneurial Studies is a unique classroom experience that has allowed me to turn my business ideas into a reality.”
Noah Michem, WPS Entrepreneurial Student
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