What Professionals Say

“In our experience at Windermere Preparatory School, we have seen the growth and development of our students as entrepreneurs have an amazing positive impact on their ability to self regulate their learning, to identify what they need to learn next, and to interact with adult professionals with confidence in unfamiliar situations. In short, much of what we might call “future proofing”, the development of the essential soft skills that are essential for success in an uncertain future, are being developed in our program. The world is changing. The best thing we can do for our students is to develop them as independent thinkers who have the confidence and experience to chart their own course as they grow into adults. In our experience, a well developed Entrepreneurship program is proving to be an effective way to meet this challenge.”
Dr. Steven Lyng, Assistant Headmaster - Windermere Preparatory School
“I was happy to help with the growth of his students and opened our doors to his program. What I didn’t expect was to work with such an empowered group of students that not only learned something from participating in this project, but helped me to wrap my arms around real, workable solutions to a big challenge facing our company. These students presented some well thought out ideas to shift our sales mix in favor of our manufactured items away from our distributed items. And that was the challenge! I never expected that they could do what our own sales people could not do: come up with great ideas to solve our problem. I was both shocked and very impressed with this program.”
Tony Lahnston, COO - Tropical Foods
“The Startup Studio is the essential program for students that aspire to be future Entrepreneurs and or C-level Executives. The curriculum and instruction clearly sets expectations, allows each student the opportunity to succeed, but possibly more importantly, instills resiliency and the experience in overcoming adversity. It provides a real-world play book along with a solid understanding of the foundation, priorities, and life-cycle of a business. This is the class we all wish we had taken – when the trees reveal the forest. It is hard to overstate the advantage such a well-rounded head start gives you over your peers.”
Robert Russell, Founder & President - Blitz Telecom
“I wish there were more programs like this when I was in the school. This is an amazing program that teaches students something that is useful in the real world and many students and business owners can greatly benefit from this amazing program. Working with Gary and the students was an incredible privilege and honor.”
Nato Huresae, Owner of Turning Heads Barber
“Gary Conroy is a powerful advocate for companies that need an innovative approach to rebuilding themselves. Instead of handing out a formula, he immersed himself in all aspects of our a typical business, brought enthusiasm and expertise and affected real change.”
Bob Allen, Founder & CEO - IDEAS

What Students Say

“I didn’t realize how important the things that we learned in his class were until I launched a company that I conceptualized in his class into the real market. I then was able to take everything I had learned from the class and grow my business, King Drone Services LLC, into a profitable company. This course was truly life changing for me. It has helped me realize that entrepreneurship is what I wish to pursue in college. I am grateful to have Mr. Conroy as my mentor and appreciate everything he has and continues to teach me.”
Ryan King, Founder & CEO of King Drone Services LLC
“The entrepreneurship program granted me the opportunity to gain authentic business skills while working with real business owners on problems being faced in the real world. The curriculum of this class was far different from any other high school class. However, the class was considerate of my IB Diploma schedule, with most of the work being done in class. This allowed me to balance my schedule with rigorous academic courses while continuing to learn about the world of business through the entrepreneurship program.”
Alex Mealey, Senior - SGA President
“This is a wonderful platform for students and young people who are intrigued by the entreprenurial world. It serves as a good start with a welcoming environent that constantly challenges the student to think outside the box and encourages them to pivot for the better.”
Eric Wang, Student
“Entrepreneurial Studies is a unique classroom experience that has allowed me to turn my business ideas into a reality.”
Noah Michem, WPS Entrepreneurial Student

What Parents Say

“Ryan came home excited when he discovered the program was available. As his understanding as well as confidence developed with simulated businesses, he became so impassioned that he wanted to create his own business in the marketplace. And not only did he start a business, but he has been successful and enjoyed it every step of the way. Mr. Conroy has been an amazing mentor and continues to guide, support and provide feedback for Ryan.”
Shawn King, Parent
“Based upon my observations of the materials and activities utilized in the Entrepreneur Program at WPS along with the Entrepreneurship events held at the school, I am extremely proud and feel so fortunate to have my daughter Fatima be part of such an educational program. Preparing our students at a younger age to be ready for real world experiences will produce a generation of leaders and thinkers capable of making sound business decisions in any career they may choose to pursue. As a parent and a businessman, I strongly support this program and stand ready to help in its success and continuation in anyway I can.”
Amr Gawad, WPS Parent & President of True Engineering
“The Startup Studio Workshop was a wonderful way for my son to learn how to create and what to do with creative ideas. It was a fun and an engaging experience to learn about some of the key steps in entrepreneurship like innovation, collaboration and the pitch.”
Amy Guip, Parent
“This program is a must for any student interested in business. Gary Conroy’s program inspired our son David to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. His program teaches students many valuable skills including how to think “out of the box.”
Rudy Molnar, Parent
“Exposing young talent to real world business challenges is a great way to drive innovation and adaptiveness, which are key to business success. I truly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in developing business management skills!”
Sidney Azambuja, Parent
“Jake loved the course. I could see his excitement grow as the week went on. I noticed that he was engaged in a level that went beyond surface excitement. He was thinking critically and his creative juices really started to flow as he became more embraced in the class.”
Missy Fagan, Parent and WPS Lower School Director

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